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 Magebane Officer Rules

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PostSubject: Magebane Officer Rules   Magebane Officer Rules EmptyTue Mar 26, 2013 6:13 pm

1) You are given a position from the most hardass mother fucker to get a position from so use it to it's full potential or go without one. You do not just have a position, you have the right and ability to make this faction better and make others want to be in it and if this is too hard for you then your position is just as removable as the leader's position.

2) Our officers are to provide help to the faction and constantly try to better their knowledge of the game in general to be able to accurately answer questions and be able to point other in the right direction for proof of the correct answers. You are not required to drop everything to help faction members but you would be looked at as unfit to be an officer if you do not take the few seconds to say you are doing something that makes it difficult to join someone to help them. It helps our members feel more like they are not asking a wall to move but instead have a faction that cares about them.

3) If you are found talking shit to a faction member about another faction member or noob bashing someone in any chat you will be demoted immediately no questions asked this is not to be negotiated for any reason.

4) You should be able to tell from these rules i do not put up with any shit from Officers and do not give the position to people so they can be cool with a title and stuff. My position as leader is in no way less fragile of a position than yours and no less or more important. You will treat yourself as a leader in your position and remember who has to follow your lead. This faction looks up to you as an officer and leader to be there for them in more way than just helping kill a boss or run a cave with them. They might just need someone to talk to, who will it be then if you are ALWAYS AFK. If you wanna be AFK all day then log off or set a proper message for a few hours. If you wanna be AFK for a full day and then log off cuz you spent it all in reflection then kiss your marshal position good bye and welcome to being an executor. Same applies to demoted marshals that become executors. We do not have officers cuz we need bodies in positions, we have more than enough people that would love to fill your shoes so show the faction you give a shit and step up or GTFO.

5) Please do not take these rules personally and do not take promotions or demotions with offense cuz none is intended. Our leader/s know what they need and will work day and night to provide the best leadership we can so remember how to find a leader in your faction. Sort faction by Position and look for anyone that is not a commissioner and you can expect to find a leader even if the actual leader is not online, it's what i would expect.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules so you will not be suprised to find your position granted or taken away as a result of your actions or lack of them now go fuck some shit up for your faction and with random squads and make sure they know we are the best even if our gear is not!!
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Magebane Officer Rules
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