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 Applying for Officer Positions 2014

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Applying for Officer Positions 2014  Empty
PostSubject: Applying for Officer Positions 2014    Applying for Officer Positions 2014  EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 3:51 pm

For those who interested in applying for officer positions, please read the requirements below and send me a PM here on the forums. Please list any and all gaming and officer experience, any other skills and also acknowledgement that you can meet the requirements.

Basic requirements for all officer positions:
You must be active (at least 3-4 times a week).
Must be helpful.
Saying hello and chat with members. No one likes a quiet officer.
Must must have a good understanding of the game.
Must be able to download and use Raidcall for Nation War, Territory Resources War and officer meetings.
Sign up for our site (checking the guest section does not count).
Familiarize yourself with the faction site by reading the rules, the officer rules and the stickys.
Must be able to recruit. Whether it's friends, talking to random players or using world chat, please recruit.
Must do base quests (1000 merits a month minimum).
Only your main character can be an officer in Magebane.

Officer Positions:
The starter officer position. You must meet all the basic requirements.

Basic requirements, must be able to help with faction activities and events such as Nation War or Territory Resouces War. Marshals will also be given more responsibilities depending on the needs of the faction.

This is my second in command. You must meet all the basic requirements as well as all the requirements mentioned above. Director may have more duties depending on the needs of the faction.

Things that can get your position removed:
Not meeting all the basic and officer requirements.
Not doing base quests.
Trolling, unwanted drama in the faction, harassing other members. Just because you are an officer does not mean you can abuse other members and get away with it.

Also please read the officer rules:

These requirements are asked of officers to keep the faction running smoothly. If you feel you can meet these requirements send me a PM here on the forums and we'll talk. See you in game. Smile
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Applying for Officer Positions 2014
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