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 Magebane Now Recruiting

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PostSubject: Magebane Now Recruiting   Magebane Now Recruiting EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 4:12 pm

Welcome! Magebane is recruiting players of all levels and classes. We are a non-territory war (PvE only) faction. We also have a faction base. We're active, helpful and do events like nation war. We use Raidcall for voice chatting and have this site with helpful info. Non-officer members are not required to sign up but you are encouraged. You can read about our rules here: If the faction seems interesting to you, please sign up and drop me a PM or you can PM me in game (with this name) or PM one of our officers: Harmonias, AuxRequiem, Kaizumi, Damevil, RalDrizeyl. See you in game. Smile
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Magebane Now Recruiting
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