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 Rules of Magebane

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PostSubject: Rules of Magebane   Rules of Magebane EmptyFri Mar 15, 2013 4:30 pm

1) Absolutely no rape talk. Rape is no joke this includes pedo jokes and all things related to such disgusting sense of humour. You will be booted immediately no questions asked and no warnings!

2) Your Drama can go to whisper chat or make a squad with your new found friend and do out of our guild chat no matter what the subject is. I have no problem booting all people involved with drama in my faction it breeds shitty playtime for all of us. You will only be asked once to stop and go to another chat and if you do not then an officer will screenshot this incident and show me and you will be removed from faction.

3) Our officers are here to help you but we are not your slaves and we have our own things to do as well so please do not expect immediate attention to your in game problems and if you can use this forum to gain better help or plan better help please do so. We have a Member Help section available for such things. Plan ahead.

4) Absolutely no shit talking to any officer or member of our faction is tolerated. This includes noob bashing or telling people how they are stupid. Noob bashing in or out of faction is a good way to get the boot and so is shit talking an officer or member of the faction.

5) Leaders are not always good at what they do. You have the right to change that and if you do not like how this faction is being handled then you are free to leave or make a Vote on our faction website for a new leader. I am not unreasonable and accept any advise you may have on how to do things better and again would not mind if it is put to a vote so you can see if others feel the same way.

6) Enjoy your game time in our faction. Be a good person to eachother and you will get the same treatment in return. i am very relaxed about guild chat and let a lot of things go on as normal so please have fun but try not to hurt eachother's feeling/s. Show PWI that we are cool people and they will all want to be a part of it too and you will have a very active faction for years to come. Now go kill some shit!!!
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Rules of Magebane
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