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 Update 5/8/2014 1.1.5

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Update 5/8/2014 1.1.5 Empty
PostSubject: Update 5/8/2014 1.1.5   Update 5/8/2014 1.1.5 EmptySun May 11, 2014 3:34 am

Patch Notes

   In today's patch, we focused mostly on quality of life changes as well as stability of quick match games and other bugs. We also made some balance changes in order to speed up games somewhat.

   Please let us know what you think on the forums, and as always let us know of any issues you run into.

           Ability to ignore users by typing /i NAME. Type /i NAME again to un-ignore.
           Maintain active chat room when entering/leaving games.
           Keyboard focuses on chat input when chat is opened and during room changes.
           Leaving a chat room automatically focuses on another room if you have any rooms that are active.
           Direct messages sent out will now display who they were sent to.
       Added a Friends button to the Games Page and changed look/feel of existing buttons to free up room.
       Added slight delay to the game over rewards modal to help prevent mis-clicks when opponent forfeits while you are still trying to take your turn.
       Added Adjustable volume controls for Sound Effects and Music.
       Added sounds for many different menu buttons.
       ESC Key acts as a back button in the menus.
       Increased movement speed of many units (just visual, not move range).


       All Heroes and Soldiers have had their DEF and HPs reduced slightly
       Reaper Demon, Mausoleum Sentry, Briarwolf, Emerald Harvester, Honey Creeper, Demolitions Expert and Mountain Sniper have had their cost reduced by 1

   Bug Fixes

       Fixed various issues causing problems in Quick games
       Fixed Commune incorrectly discounting things other than Beast Soldiers
       Fixed bug where Transfer Life could incorrectly heal the unit being damaged
       Fixed Lobby Chat to prevent click-through while in-game (prevents accidentally selecting spells, battlelog, etc).
       Added protection against submitting turns while waiting for abilities to finish running.
       Dragging a card and cancelling its deployment no longer resets the Hand’s drag area to the starting location.
       Fixed an issue that could cause the opponent’s turn from being played back in real time games
       Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the quick match queue more than once
       Spawn Tiles are now reset properly when retrying turn.
       Fixed transcend issue where you could get +4 AP if you retried turn after transcending.
       Mine rock formations no longer block your clicks when trying to select tiles behind them.

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Update 5/8/2014 1.1.5
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