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 First Time Zen Rewards

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First Time Zen Rewards Empty
PostSubject: First Time Zen Rewards   First Time Zen Rewards EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 6:04 pm

Have you explored the Zen Market? The Zen Market is the best place to find new items and sales to help you on your adventures, giving you the opportunity to obtain unique and iconic companions, mounts, outfits, account unlocks, and much more.

If you have yet to explore what the Zen Market can offer, now is the time to do so. Starting now, players will receive a Free Bundle whenever they transfer Zen to Neverwinter for the first time. The bundle, which is valued at $50, includes an exclusive War Dog Companion, Embroidered Bag of Holding, Appearance Change Token Pack and more!

To receive the pack players must transfer at least 500 Zen into Neverwinter. Once the transfer has completed, players will receive the free bundle in their in-game inbox.

Read more below:!
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First Time Zen Rewards
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