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PostSubject: First Time Spender   First Time Spender EmptyTue Sep 02, 2014 10:10 pm

Receive a package of free items when you spend money for the first time in PWI.

How To Redeem
Once you have made your first gold purchase, you will receive an in-game mail on the character/account you made the purchase from. You will receive a First Time Buyer Gift. You will need to take this gift to the NPC "Assistant Wang Tsai". Once you do that, the item will be removed from your inventory and replaced with the rewards!

If you have ever bought and spent gold in PWI before, you will also be receiving these gifts! We value you as our players, and wanted to include you in on this program as well! We hope you enjoy it, and see you in-game!

*Items will be paid out within 3-7 business days*

*Note, you must buy gold for the first time in order to qualify*

Items in spender package:

Gold Guardian Charm - Trigger item. Restore 600,000 Health Points.
Gold Spirit Charm - Trigger item. Restore 900,000 Mana Points.
Hyper EXP Stone - Activate in the Public Relations Menu. Choose Hyper EXP session. Multiplies Experience/Spirit gains depending on session selected.
Radiant Shards -
Teleport Stone - Teleports you to a previously activated waypoint. Right click to use.
Wormhole Bell - When using a teleport service, you can directly transfer to any node. Keep this in your bag.
Auto Recovery Stone - While in your inventory, enable this by hitting H. When enabled, you will automatically use your consumables when falling below a specified percent in health or mana. Lasts one week.

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First Time Spender
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