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 Update v1.18

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Update v1.18 Empty
PostSubject: Update v1.18   Update v1.18 EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 6:06 am

Update v1.18 : New Game Engine

The updated Game Client with Hardware Acceleration is now live, this brings improved performance, graphics and better camera angles.

Complete Change List
Complete graphical overhaul means the game now uses the graphics card instead of the CPU for rendering and runs much faster, and should support older devices.
Improved camera angles let you look around freely into the distance and above.
Improved camera collisions now zooms in to walls/terrain (when the camera collides with them) and restores the old zoom distance when moving away again smoothly.
Increased view distance for seeing mobs and other interactable world objects.
Mini-map zoom range expanded to see the larger world around you.
Improved texture rendering quality, with less pixel fighting/artifacts and all round much smoother looking.
Fog effects added to most realms, creating a more atmospheric and immersive world.
To learn more about the update click below:

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Update v1.18
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