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 New Star Trek Expansion Live!

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PostSubject: New Star Trek Expansion Live!   New Star Trek Expansion Live! EmptyTue Oct 14, 2014 8:48 pm

Star Trek Online players can now log into the game to check out the latest expansion, Delta Rising. The new content takes players on a journey to the Delta Quadrant to follow in the same footsteps Voyager traveled nearly thirty years before. The expansion also reunites several of the original Voyager castmates and brings their characters into active participation in the game.

Level Cap Increase

Captains can now rank up to level 60!
This includes new titles, new captain powers, and new rewards for each faction.
The Delta Quadrant story arc has been added to the Episodes tab in the journal.
Upon logging in with a level 50 Captain, players will be able to accept the mission “Escalation” to begin the journey through the Delta Quadrant.
For more details, please view the Raising the Level Cap blog post here:

Captain Specializations

Captain Specializations are a new system that allows captains to earn new abilities once they reach level 50.
Upon attaining level 50, this system can be found between the Skills and Traits tab of the Status window.
Currently, the available Trees are Intelligence Officer, Commander, and Pilot.
Players will gain one Captain Specialization Point for each level they gain from 51 – 60, 10 points in total.
After reaching level 60, captains will continue to gain Captain Specialization Points.
Each time the bar is filled, 1 point will be earned.
Captains may earn up to 50 additional points in order to obtain all the available Captain Specialization abilities.
For more details please view the Captain Specializations blog post here:

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New Star Trek Expansion Live!
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