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 Performance Improvements Incoming

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Performance Improvements Incoming Empty
PostSubject: Performance Improvements Incoming   Performance Improvements Incoming EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 6:13 pm

After deploying the patch later today, EverQuest II users should see some significant performance improvements in several key areas including graphics, playability and overall functionality. The dev team has also indicated that even more performance improvements are in the works and set to be released at a later time.

Improved Graphical Performance

Improved client performance on maximum settings, including “Extreme Quality”
Utilized SSE and SSE2 instruction sets
Improved how the Welcome window is sent to clients

Improved FunctionalityImproved how the server calculates stats during combat (more to come!)

Several improvements to Marketplace performance
Made client improvements, including some optimizations to how data is sent from the server to the client (more to come!)

Improved Playability

Several improvements to spawning of items and NPCs to make this less of a load on the server
Optimized some server side AA calculations for player to load/save and modify AA trees (more to come!)


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Performance Improvements Incoming
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