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 Scourge Warlock Guide

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Scourge Warlock Guide  Empty
PostSubject: Scourge Warlock Guide    Scourge Warlock Guide  EmptySun Aug 17, 2014 4:26 am

This is voltomey's scourge warlock guide.

Warlocks Class Mechanics
The class Mechanics for the Warlock are by far the most unique for a Neverwinter class. Its has a main and Secondary Mechanic and In its Main Mechanic is a Micro Mechanic now lets Go over them.

Warlocks Curse/Curses/Curse Eater
Are the main Mechanic for the warlock class They synergies with one another to do a verity of things. The warlock has so many curses at its command it makes Samuel L Jackson seem like a saint Lol

Warlocks Curse is the main Tab ability It will put a 20% dmg debuff on the target you may place your Warlock’s Curse on up to 3 different targets, but the damage bonus will be divided between them. This curse has many class feats and paragon feats associated with it so make sure you get use to using it.Curses are Basically Debuffs That do dmg Overtime and counts as food for power interactions.Curse Eaters Are Spells That interact with the many curse debuffs the warlock has at its command. Some will remove Curses and then put another debuff on a target some will eat the curse and then explode dealing double AoE dmg find out what Curse eater Combo you like and Have at it.

Soul Puppets
Are the warlocks Secondary Mechanic there kinda Like Companions they attacks targets and will follow you all over they last about 120 second and will vanish after 5 attacks. If you attempt to summon a Soul Puppet when you already have one active your current Soul Puppet gains a 20% increase in damage for 20 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times Puppets Can act like tanks at time grabbing agro allowing the SW to better position himself in a fight there a breeze to use in solo questing and when you go down the Damnation Path so many wonderful choices open up to you in how you want to use them. They have 80% damage resistance and 25000 Hit Points sense the last preview patch.

The SW has Two Roles That Of a High High High Like the sky DPS character and Then the Supportive Role By the use of sucking the life force from its targets and transferring it to his allies via the temptation feats it also fill that niche of DPS/Support Hybrid using its puppets The Three Feat Paths are listed below i will not go to in depth about them in part 1 But part two i will go over them more Thoroughly .

Feat Paths

Fury – A Fury Warlock destroys his foes with fire and death, cursing his foes and then decimating them with his most powerful spells, leaving them a smoking husk. This is The DPS Tree Plain and simple

Damnation – A Damnation Warlock controls a soul puppet to empower himself and destroy his foes, eventually making this puppet a permanent part of his arsenal.While his Soul Puppet is active he is a much more potent combatant who can destroy foes at various distances. This is The puppet master tree this makes the soul puppet a permanent addition to your team

Temptation – A Temptation Warlock binds the souls of his foes and his allies to steal the very life force from his foes to heal his allies. He also commands several auras that bolster nearby allies or weaken nearby foes. This is the support and healing tree need i say more.

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Scourge Warlock Guide
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