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 One Month Leagues

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PostSubject: One Month Leagues   One Month Leagues EmptyFri Jul 11, 2014 2:54 am

From the original post:

We're running a one-month league event from noon Saturday July 12 (NZ time) to noon Saturday August 9 (NZ time). We'll also be running a hardcore event with the same rules at the same time!

The starting time in the PDT timezone is 5pm Friday July 11. This is 2am on Saturday in the CEST timezone.

The primary event is a non-hardcore event (deaths don't cause your character to leave the event), but we're also running a hardcore event with the same rules for people who want an extra challenge.

We've had many requests to bring back previous league properties in interesting combinations for a race event. This one-month event has the following seven sets of properties, lasting for four days each:

Anarchy and Invasion
Anarchy and Ambush
Ambush and Nemesis
Anarchy, Ambush and Nemesis
Ambush and Onslaught
Onslaught and Nemesis
Onslaught, Nemesis and Invasion

To describe each of these properties:

Anarchy: Rogue Exiles spawn at a substantially increased rate - quite a lot more than they do in the core game. Still less than one per area on average though!
Onslaught: 20% increased monster movement, attack and cast speed.
Nemesis: Every rare monster will have a Nemesis mod. Inner Treasure will occur at a much higher rate than it ever has before.
Ambush: Exactly like the recent Ambush league, craftable Strongboxes will spawn.
Invasion: A powerful Invader will spawn in each area. There is a greater variety of guest monsters when this property is in place.
Domination: Shrines are already present in the core game and we feel that ramping up their rate to create a sixth property isn't really necessary.

League-specific uniques will not spawn in this event.

We'll pick winners randomly from the people who reach the following levels or higher. The prize levels continue to stack as you level up. You can win prizes from multiple tiers. Both the events draw from the same prize pool (i.e. it doesn't matter which you enter, but if you want an extra challenge, play in the hardcore one). Dead hardcore characters are eligible for prizes corresponding to the level they reached.

Prizes available in the random draw include:

Level 30: 20x Elite Armour Set
Level 40: 20x Seraph Armour Set
Level 50: 10x Verdant Armour Set
Level 60: 10x Arcane Armour Set
Level 70: 5x Choice of J!NX Shirt (either the Rhoa shirt or the Seven Classes shirt)
Level 80: 5x Pair of J!NX Shirts (both the Rhoa and the Seven Classes shirts)

In addition, the top five players (from each event) by experience will receive an alternate-art Demigod's Bounty. If multiple players are tied at level 100, then the first five players to reach it will receive the prize.

Other Rules

The single highest level character in this league on your account will be considered.
Do not enter with multiple accounts - this will disqualify you.
GGG Staff members are not eligible for prizes.
If you're interested to read more about the rules of race events, check out this link:

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One Month Leagues
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