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PostSubject: Nation War   Nation War EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 3:46 am

Please Read Before Joining Us For Nation War:

For those who wish to join us in Nation War during the weekends, please stay with us. It's so important that we work together as a team to help our nation win. Running off solo to another map to get a few credits can really hurt our chances of winning a map battle. Myrna and I will not will hesitate to kick anyone who repeatedly runs off and does their own thing. If you plan on running flags make you sure you have speed pots. We prefer barbarians, seekers and blademasters to run the flag but if you can take a hit or are the only one around to dig the flag then you're welcomed to it.

At the moment we need more barbs, BMs or seekers to help run flags. You can hit up Myra or myself if you can bring a flag runner. We don't allow alts unless it's used for things like buffs. We don't mind if you're if playing an alt somewhere else in Nation War but we ask that you make the squad your first priority. If possible we ask that you download and use Raidcall with us. You don't have to talk, just listen. It will make things alot easier in squad. Remember to be potted, charmed and ready to roll at 7:30 PM server time.
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Nation War
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