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 Heroes and Villagers Update

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Heroes and Villagers Update Empty
PostSubject: Heroes and Villagers Update   Heroes and Villagers Update EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 4:09 pm

Midsummer’s Eve has arrived, a time of year when the Fae visit to spread mirth and mischief.

Check out the new Midsummer's Eve Faerie wing outfit, the Lantern outfit, and the Nymph outfit.

In addition, we have made improvements to combat that allow you to move and attack and cast spells at the same time.

The build has a new system in place for Energy, or rather, Vim. Of course, changing the name from Energy to Vim and its color from yellow to purple does not change its nature (“A rose by any other name…” etc.) The reason for the change is that we felt the Energy system was being condemned for its name and its name alone. So, in order to avoid having the (energy) book judged by its cover (name), we changed it.
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Heroes and Villagers Update
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