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 ARC Codes for PWI

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Codes - ARC Codes for PWI Empty
PostSubject: ARC Codes for PWI   Codes - ARC Codes for PWI EmptySun Jun 01, 2014 3:48 am

Blessings (can be used repeatedly)
Jones' Blessing - KxK58gAf - 30 Attack Levels
O'Malley's Blessing - iItxAUKD - 15 Attack levels and 15 defense levels

*Facebok codes:
Free Hypers - S6YGagJ9 good until 7/30/2014
Free Crown and HP Platinum Charm  -UT4qzOPv good until 7/30/2014
Dreamchaser Pack and 3 Random Pigment Code: vKOqmL9T  Ends 8/6/14 at 11:59 PM
Demon/Sage Card Code: y8PGFqv7 - Expires 8/12 11:59 PM PDT.
Hyper stones - Code: AzkM3vUH Valid until 8/13/2014
Maiden-Kissed Chest x10 - Code: UvpF7tvp no expire limit listed
Demon/Sage Card along with an Absence Note - Code: EY4Vzl4r no expire limit listed
VIP Platinum Crown - Code: opSpoXZI no expire limit listed
Dreamchaser Pack - Code:  DZlmuEYR code expires next week
Sage/Demon Card Code: nCh0Pvpy code expires Friday 9/12, so get it fast! Consolation for not getting the 35k likes on the ARC Facebook.
Hyperstones - Y9iPjcYt
Dreamchaser pack - Code: u8LPchfP Expires 10/20/14

Code: u8LPchfP
Photo: This weeks weekly code is for a Dreamchaser pack. Expires 10/20/14. Redeem through the Arc client. Code: u8LPchfP

Anniversary codes:
Wednesday - Profundity Scrolls x2: mZMPeJpF expires Sept 13th

Special ARC Games Facebook Codes:
Sage/Demon Card - Code: nPYvTsEO expires next week
Eternal Love Fashion and Sage/Demon Card - Code: 7h0T9Gcm expires next week
(be sure to like ARC Games Facebook to get more codes)

Misc Codes:
Platinum Hit Point Charm - McytfiNY
Dreamchaser Pack - gVqIRES4
Demon/Sage Card - SFGKJKgc
Free survival pots (charger orb, sutra, vacuity, IG, and dew): Ehcr5GT5 (once per account)
Jade Gift Pack - Code:HLZ0QDCV expires September 30, 2104

*Check daily for new codes.
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ARC Codes for PWI
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