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 What's Expected of Magebane Faction Officers

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What's Expected of Magebane Faction Officers  Empty
PostSubject: What's Expected of Magebane Faction Officers    What's Expected of Magebane Faction Officers  EmptyTue Feb 18, 2014 11:17 am

As an officer we expect all officers to be active in game, forums, and if need be voice chat. We expect officers to be helpful, friendly and a bit chatty. No one likes being in a quiet faction. We expect all officers to know, follow, and enforce all rules. Raka's rules are posted here on the site and it applies to the faction whether it's PWI based or any future Magebane faction/guild created in any other game. We expect officers to not be causing personal or real life problems within the faction. This is a game not a dating service. We expect officers to recruit.

If this seems like work or something you couldn't do, please do not accept or apply for the position. We are not asking for people to "work." Players see officers as someone who is knowledgeable about the game, who is willing to help when possible, someone they can approach when they have problems in the faction. We're looking for people to help maintain and grow our faction/factions.

Magebane Officer Rules:

Rules of Magebane:

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What's Expected of Magebane Faction Officers
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