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 guys playin and 2d if ther any nec

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PostSubject: guys playin and 2d if ther any nec   Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:48 am

hi gusy i want to start play the game and i have few questions fist is wich server most of you guys play and 2d ther is any necromancer/summoner class in the game ty all and have great day
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PostSubject: Re: guys playin and 2d if ther any nec   Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:58 pm

At the moment I don't know any other Magebane members who play Neverwinter besides myself. I have a level 30 control wizard and a level 10 ranger. The servers are called shards and the three shards have been merged into one big shard (server.) There are no necromancer/summoner classes at the moment. Just clerics and control wizards. I think MyrnaNeala might try Neverwinter and since my ranger is only at 10 we could play together if you guys try it out.

Myrna and I are usually logged into steam so you could hit one of us up since we play games through steam like Path of Exile (which does allow you to make a necromancer.) You can reach us on steam as cobradirector or irishcavan.

Below is a site that list Neverwinter's PC requirements to play:
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guys playin and 2d if ther any nec
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