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 Steam Skins

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PostSubject: Steam Skins   Tue May 13, 2014 3:50 am

If anyone is interested in changing the look of steam, you can do so by applying a new skin. Below is a list of skins you can download and apply. Also there's links to show you how to change skins as well as to make your own.

Steam Skins:

How to change the default skin:

How to make a steam skin:
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PostSubject: Re: Steam Skins   Tue May 13, 2014 5:29 pm

At the moment I use PixelVision. It's a nice little skin for Steam. I downloaded it from here:

You can also get it from here:


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PostSubject: Re: Steam Skins   Tue May 13, 2014 5:36 pm

If you have any problems installing the skin, make sure to read the readme. Also you need to go into the "Full Installation" folder, copy the "PixelVision" folder, and paste it into the skins folder. There should be 2 folders and a readme in the skins directory if you did it right. Don't forgot to install the fonts. Restart it and check out the new skin.
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PostSubject: Re: Steam Skins   

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Steam Skins
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