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 Non-Magebane Faction Members

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PostSubject: Non-Magebane Faction Members   Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:27 pm

Our community accepts players who do not play PWI or who are not of the Magebane faction. If you sign up for the site and play one of the games listed here, we ask that you put "mgm" after your name. Mgm stands for "multi-game member." This way we know who you are. Just type your name, space and mgm. It should look like mine on the memberlist. If you decide to play PWI, Magebane will gladly accept you. Please make sure to read the Magebane rules. Not only do they apply to the PWI faction but also to this site and any factions or guilds created in other games. If you are interested in making a Magebane guild in another game, message Raka or myself on this site.
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Non-Magebane Faction Members
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