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 Differences in Gaming Communities

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PostSubject: Differences in Gaming Communities   Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:49 am

When it comes to PWI, our community can be rather immature. Most factions tend to be laidback. Some pride themselves on being on "adult" faction. Which can mean a dirty and flirty chat based faction or a faction that allows just about anything to be said in their chat. Family based or mature factions aren't as common as adult factions. The reason being is that the community seems to have more immature players and some of the adult players just tend to put up with these people. Our faction is bit a in between. We have never recruited as an adult, family, or mature faction. Even though our leader is pretty laidback when it comes to this stuff, we do have rules. When we do enforce the rules I'm sure it comes as a shock to some members. One minute the faction can have a questionable subject going on in faction chat and the next someone is getting kicked for taking said subject too far. I think that's where the problem lies in factions, guilds, communities. A faction needs to set their guidelines, rules and goals and stick to them. Alot of people's responses are usually "this is a game it's just meant for fun." I understand that but if we let all the members be jerks to another in here, would we even have a faction anymore?

Other games have communities where the attitude towards unwanted negative world chats are not even tolerated. So say going from PWI to Neverwinter or D&D Online can be a shocking experience if you love to troll their world chats. Even as we try to build a multi -game community we would have to try understand that players from different communities may not get along. If we all decided to move half the faction to another game our players would have to adjust to the new game's community. Best thing I could say when in doubt just be respectful. I know it's not the sexiest, manliest, coolest, thing to do but at least it causes less problems and you won't have half the faction hating on you.  
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Differences in Gaming Communities
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